The cheapest way to buy real estate in today's economy without exception is bulk REO sales.  Banks, institutions and hedge funds are currently selling bulk REO tapes at approximately 50% - 70% (depending on the size of the transaction and the local market) of current fair market value.


Do you have the funds to invest in bulk REO packages and you don't know where to invest them?


Have you attempted to buy bulk REO properties and you can't find reliable bulk REO sellers?


Does your bulk REO broker have nothing but excuses?


We are a nationwide network that has direct contacts with banks, institutions, asset managers, loan servicers and hedge funds.  We are bulk REO sellers.  We are looking for well qualified principal bulk REO buyers (not brokers or buyer representatives please) of bulk REO nationwide SFR and commercial REO.  If your bulk REO is not currently "on the shelf", we have a limited ability depending on the seller to have it "assembled" for you.  Principal bulk REO buyers must be the "owners" of the funds.  Double escrows or simultaneous closings are not permitted.


These are typically 3% fee transactions depending on the size of the transaction and the number of people involved.  Fees for large transactions are less. 


The buyer pays the above fees.


If you are a principal and you would like to simply "get it done" without any excuses, please call Charlie Walker at 602-349-6908 during normal business hours mountain standard time or email to schedule a free consultation.


Thank you.


Charlie Walker